Horn Torus & Physics

by Wolfgang W. Daeumler


The graphical horn torus model (as 'Geometry of Everything') is an intellectual game to reveal engrams of dimensional thinking, a thought experiment as an exercise for abstraction ability, a proposal for a different approach to physical questions and an attempt to describe fundamental entities colloquially:

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horn torus cross-section

This private website exists since 2006 (in German language since 2000, some texts date back to 1988, author used to be a theoretical physicist), it is written in meanwhile partly obsolet HTML and not optimized for smartphones. It contains countless animations, that are best viewed on a bigger screen.
Horn tori in the geometrical horn torus model act as quite efficient visual aids for many aspects of physical processes and laws on a fundamental level (space, time, physical objects, 'particles', interaction, ...) which often are not easily comprehensible by normal and even scientifically trained everyday's understanding, and for which physicists not have contributed any appropriate pictorial associations to match one's receptive mental imagery. Now interlaced horn tori allow to build bridges between abstract mathematics and our inherent thinking.
After intensive familiarization with the horn torus model, its analogous images and its geometrically representable dynamics, many physical terms, concepts and phenomena appear no longer mysterious and unexplained but become inevitable, logical, clear and evident.
The horn torus model doesn't claim to be a consistent physical or mathematical theory. Regard it as suggestion to leave fixed habits of conventional mainstream thinking - now and then, playfully, just for fun! Sometimes crackpot ideas inspire. The matter is intended to be an exciting game, to exercise imaginative power and to improve abstract thinking. It has no esoteric connection! Only mathematics, numbers, complex numbers, their arithmetic, an unique code ...