Lissajous 4 to 1
Lissajous figure on a dynamic horn torus, turning with ratio of revolution : rotation = 4 : 1
eight different versions symbolise all possible combinations of spin, time and parity
all eight  (for every Lissajous figure exist eight different versions)  compare
spin: direction of rotation around main symmetry axis (not the spin speed!)
time (+/- resp. 0/1 = particle/antiparticle): revolution around torus bulge
parity: here not a mirroring but reverse motion on the 'unrolling line'
as scale we have to look at the unit horn torus with ratio 1:1 :
its full rotation symbolises reduced Planck's constant  ħ
one full revolution symbolises Planck time resp. LP/c
circumferential speed represents velocity of light c
one circumference represents Planck length LP
(circumference on longitude of torus bulge)
- sounds scientific, but we play a game!