Spin Relativistic

Horn sphere model as relativistic magnetic flux manifold for the electron

by  Emmanouil Markoulakis

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Active publication material, March 2020. Hellenic Mediterranean University
contact: markoul@chania.teicrete.gr
horn spheroid golden mean model  
see also EM's   model of the atom

animations by w. daeumler ( artmetic / horn torus )
parametric form for the trajectories above:
x = r·(1 − cosφ)·cos(φ·√2 ∓ Δω)
y = r·(1 − cosφ) · sin(φ·√2 ∓ Δω)
z = r·sinφ     definition of φ 
Δω = Δω(t) makes artificial rotation around axis
to get one continuous trajectory with 22 loops
√2 is approximated by rational number 31/22
horn spheres as → graticule (1:2)
  and as perfect → spheres  (1:1)