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W. Daeumler 2018
Although esoteric content appears in above list, I am definitely not a friend of spiritual, mystical, occult and similar theories!
But there is an inexplicable lack of accessible serious articles, treating the geometric object horn torus and its rich
properties, and so it is not astonishing that outsiders capture the figure and successfully amaze their audience.
Yes, I really appreciate their creativity and the ideas, even if these finally turn out to be 'wrong'.
I see it as a kind of art, and art is neither correct nor wrong. Anyhow, horn torus coordinates
present themselves as a basis for a not ending variety of images in any complexity.
→  examples  (created many years ago with artmetic graphic synthesizer)
... and addressed to natural philosophers / physicists / other scientists :
The horn torus model doesn't claim to be a consistent physical or mathematical theory.
Regard it as suggestion to leave fixed habits of conventional mainstream thinking -
now and then, playfully, just for fun! - Sometimes crackpot ideas inspire ...
The matter is intended to be an exciting game, to exercise imaginative power
and ability to think in abstract terms (helpful for understanding physics ;-)
mathematical rules exist 'all the time' since there is more than nothing,
in other words: mathematical rules are involved in creating the universe,
or: emerging of a mathematical rule is equivalent to well-known Big Bang
      nature is mathematical, one mathematical code rules our world
that code and mathematics in itself definitely are not inventions of humans -
we only have developed a complex language to describe simple preexisting laws!
we still are far away from seeing the simplicity in natural laws, but we know:
      all really fundamental physical laws are pure mathematics
and it's impossible to comprehend laws of nature
without playing the mathematical game!
      mathematical universe