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it from bit ??
all that from whorl pat(tern) !!

Information, whirling around throughout the universe always seemed to remain a bit nebulous. Now, with the image of horn tori which perform revolutions and rotations and which are nested into one another at one point on their common tangent ('time'), there indeed exists a pattern generating mechanism by 'interaction' of all horn tori: their 'unrolling lines', trajectories, cycloids. From every spatial point these wildly whirling and manifoldly interlacing lines spread along increasing horn tori with speed of light (rate of revolution) all-over the space, formed by all nested horn tori, as enduring patterns. All that - call it 'information' - remains present in every spatial point, on series of adjacent tori, at least on 'big' ones. No patterns fade or disappear completely, all are non-local effective and keep their potential for interactions in any spatial point. The patterns are of fractal nature, after all horn tori are images of complex numbers which are able to create those as is well known, and every single pattern is the unique 'fingerprint' of a particular spatial point.

Investigations about this non-locality may be made easily to reveal many long existing mysteries, in daily life and in science ..., e.g.: do living organisms possess any sensors for detection of such remote patterns (information), different from the known? - (but first we have to delve into and get familiar with this crazy non-dimensional variety of spatial geometries, somewhat different from all known :-)

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scroll down for more of the background pattern,
created by artmetic, using horn torus coordinates


 download background image 3 MB 
2500 x 4000 pix, free for private use
6400 x 10000 original file (184 MB)
canvas print 90 x 140 cm (180 dpi)