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Horn Torus & Physics
horn torus 0324
by Wolfgang W. Daeumler

Horn Torus

'Geometry Of Everything'
intellectual game to reveal engrams of dimensional thinking
and proposal for a different approach to physical questions

a thought experiment as an exercise for abstraction ability
and attempt to describe 'fundamental entities' colloquially
by reducing physical laws to properties of complex numbers,
illustrated with dynamically interlaced horn torus surfaces
horn torus cross-section
horn torus   tore á trou nul   Dorntorus
cross-section, longitudes spacing 5°
construct the horn torus
paint a line on surface:
horn torus animation
zoom <turn> stop
dynamic horn torus, performing 
revolution (turn of latitudes) 
& rotation (turn of longitudes)
ratio of angular velocities 1:2
 The Big Hiss  more animations
higher resolution HD colourful
explanation standard horn torus
sophisticated: two nested tori*
click images for action or zoom
horn torus set
schematic cross-section of many interlaced or nested horn tori
to play with them, first
imagine: all horn tori are performing rotations and revolutions
and 'interact' at their common center 'Point S'
imagine the patterns, 'drawn' on the 'surface' of the horn tori
as trace of points that pass Point S on one meridian
and you will find astonishing things, arising out of
only one single simple principle - check it out! ...
it's a nice game to play for physicists/cosmologists
and finally
imagine number of interlaced horn tori to be bigger than Googol
find hints and instructions for all that on the following pages
Lissajous figures on
horn torus surface:
(click images for animation)
horn torus, computer artist's view:
horn torus 0323
and here some more computer artist's impressions of horn tori
© 2020  Wolfgang W. Daeumler, Perouse - all rights reserved
idea 1988, text 1996, dorntorus.de 2000, horntorus.com 2006

please regard the horn torus model as what it is intended to be:
a mind game and aid to detect physical-geometric analogies,
identifications with physical entities require a bit imagination
and faculty of abstraction  - what physicists normally have,
critique of science and accepted theories is not intended,
the horn torus model has no 'esoteric' connection and
I disassociate myself from mystic and spiritual texts
concerning 'Holy' or 'Sacred' Geometry and similar,
even those who refer to my own website and text.
I do not agree with contents of any external link.
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  grand unification
continue (text) - or download as docx / pdf
horn torus in physics history: why did nobody discover, describe and apply the special topology, maximum symmetry, creative capability and incredible complexity of the geometric object 'horn torus' during all past centuries? Science ignored its existence completely or neglected its relevance unduly. Really weird!
horn torus aspects inside view animated +art-gallery#8128/Carib.....