A Model Of The Atom

suggested by  Emmanouil Markoulakis
Explaining figurative visualisations as supplement to respective published paper
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magnetic flux
dynamic model




of particles




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index of relevant animations:
geometric magnetic flux dynamic model
as loop
as horn sphere *   
as horn spheroid *
polar view
H-1 atom
He-4 atom
'Lissajous' trajectories of particles
electron spin up  
electron spin down
as sinus loop
positron spin up  
positron spin down
H-1 atom
He-4 atom
virtual photon
→  spin angular momentum of the electron ...
→  fundamental spins of elementary particles
  *  both trajectories show 'magic angle' 54.7°

animations by w. daeumler ( artmetic / horn torus)

These present pages are proposals of Emmanouil Markoulakis,
showing intuitive conclusions, derived from actual experiments,
please note clarification about meaning of other animations and graphics by Wolfgang Däumler:
visualisations on horn torus related websites are schematic, symbolic, allegoric or solely artistic,
they partly claim to contribute some relevant proposals to science, but they are not simulations,
they are no straight deductions from already known and accepted theoretical physical laws and
they are not result or emergence from direct input of experimentally generated data or findings,
particularly the horn torus model doesn't describe 3-dimensional figures, it is mathematics only.